#5 Product of the DayFebruary 03, 2017
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A few years ago I was a complete nobody. No one had ever heard my name. And in just a few short years I've been invited to give talks in more than 10 countries, grew my blog to hundreds of thousands of visitors and have fans and followers all over the world. And today I'll share some of my own personal lessons learned with you on what it takes to build your personal brand in the 21st century...
@girard_yann Thanks for the book, Yann! Any reason you wrote it like a poem? I've never seen this structure before, it's very readable.
@suparchie Archie, I just love to experiment :-)
@girard_yann thanks for the share and the book. Just curious what has been the most important/powerful platforms or tools that you use in 2016? And how it will differ in 2017. Thanks 😄
@darrenlee Most powerful in terms of pretty much everything for me were Medium Letters. A feature for publication owners. For 2017 who knows? No one knows... I'll probably be able to tell you at the end of 2017 what worked in 2017 ;-)
@girard_yann thanks for the reply. Looking forward to your ideas in the future.
In our startup we use personal branding as sector experts to drive b2b leads. It's been an eye-opener strategy ever since we started, now working with early customers on our beta version. Personal branding is as important as networking! Good book to have.
@joselfgaray Yapp, works also very, very well in B2B. I got tons of questions from people asking me to work with them in some sort of agency kind of setting :-). It's not my thing but It definitely works. Also, what Gary Vee does is the same thing. He gets his foot into the door of big corporations with all of his content. And the big bucks he makes are with Vayner Media. Every B2B transaction starts and ends with two people anyway... :-)