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Y Combinator's @harris has been podcasting for the past ~year (here's my episode with him) but this is YC's first official podcast series IIRC, also in video (see above). Makes sense considering their investment into more original content with things like The Macro.
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@rrhoover @harris is it possible to load this into my podcast app for listening? Can't seem to find a properly formatted URL
"In a world that's changing so quickly, the biggest risk you can take is not taking any risk." —Mark Zuckerbeg on the best advice Peter Thiel ever gave him
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4:43 I like the way Mark mentions how important is to first have a purpose, a "problem you want to solve...even if its local" and then build a company. Building a company without a clear contribution to make may end up well, with a big sell and full pockets but that is not the same as creating value. Here in Latin America I often listen to VCs and accelerators asking for "Global value propositions" (which afterwards fail) disregarding products and services which solve a real "but" local problem. The latter may struggle a little bit but once you create value and deliver it to people, you are set to success.
I don't think I'd call this a "podcast". Rather, it appears to be a blog with audio posts. I'll feel comfortable calling this a podcast when I can subscribe using a podcast player such as Overcast or iTunes. Until then, I'll have to stick with the obtuse process of navigating to their website and listening there. (*grumble grumble...*)
@magnuson I don't really get what you mean. they have a 25 minute audio recording on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ycombinat... surely that's the definition of a podcast?
@magnuson you can subscribe using Overcast/iTunes etc. using this link https://feeds.soundcloud.com/use...
I enjoyed Mark's (and Peter Thiel's) comments about risk. In a world that is changing as much as ours is today, the biggest risk you can take is to NOT take risks.