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Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)
Head Of Operations @ Product Hunt
Recommended by @amandapalmer in her LIVE chat. On her favourite feminist authors, Amanda said: "I have MANY. i literally just started the last chapter of "how to build a girl" by caitlin moran today. it's a hilarious coming of age story (thinkly veiled memoir basically) with no holds barred on sex and thoughts and what it feels like to be lost and 15 and horny. i kept reading thinking HOLY SHIT I AM EXACTLY CAITLIN MORAN EXCEPT I GREW UP IN AMERICA AND DIDNT HAVE SIBLINGS WHO HUGGED ME. highly recommended. her book "how to be a woman" is also hilarious." For more recommendations from Amanda you can check our her full LIVE Chat here: https://www.producthunt.com/live...
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Ross DysonPresident of the Anime Club
@ems_hodge @amandapalmer "HOLY SHIT I AM EXACTLY LIKE THE PROTAGONIST EXCEPT X, THIS IS BEST NOVEL EVER" said every basic about every basic novel, ever 😂