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Hi all, this is my first e-book! Let me know your thoughts. 💛 I've talked about how Inbound Marketing Alone Isn't Sufficient for SaaS Customer Success and this book goes into more detail about that. Both were inspired by @LincolnMurphy's explanation of The Success Gap, which can be a HUGE problem for SaaS startups/companies if it isn't addressed.
@nikkielizdemere great! Cannot wait to read it. :)
@nikkielizdemere Super interesting topic, looking forward to read this!
Great topic. It came at just the right time as we're trying to align our content marketing to our product strategy and highlight some of our upcoming features.
@osmanify Hi Osman, that's great! As @LincolnMurphy points out, "There is often a gap between the functional completion of your product and the customer’s Desired Outcome." This is important to note, because the educational materials that are necessary for your customers to help them reach their Desired Outcome might not have anything to do with features, as Desired Outcome can exist outside of features.
Brilliant! Thanks for taking the time to write and share your insights on this important gap that exists in the product management process! Was curious to know whether or not you touch base on how 'Product Marketing' should fit into this value and communication channel?
@flenguyen Hi Francois, I talk about "SaaS Content Marketing" (rather than the more generalized "Product Marketing") and I'm posting a blog entry on Inturact soon that will detail and provide visuals for the "SaaS Content Marketing Approach" that @trevorhatfield, @katykatztx, and I have developed; in it I talk about how Customer Success Content Marketing picks up where Inbound Marketing leaves off, and when you've got both, you've got the full approach to SaaS Content Marketing. Also, another article I wrote may apply - shared it above, but in case you missed it: Inbound Marketing Alone Isn't Sufficient for SaaS Customer Success.
Congrats Nichole! These are excellent topics. Most entrepreneurs spend too much time focusing on acquisition, but forget about retention and monetization. Happy to promote it via Launch Academy's private network.
This was awesome. Surprised that the study showing that increasing retention had a 6.71% impact on the bottom line and not more. We've been focusing a lot on our onboarding process making consistent tweaks the last 3 months and have benefited with a big jump in our conversion rate from trial to paid and less support inquires. Great stats in this post.
@mikekawula Thanks, Mike. Focusing on onboarding is so important - it can have a tremendous impact on churn.