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#3 Product of the DayJune 06, 2017

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How to Acquire More Users is an extremely in-depth guide to creating ads, writing landing pages, and running A/B tests.

Written by the agency that runs growth for Sentry, Envoy, Clearbit, and a dozen other startups.

Author’s note: I spent 400 hours writing this. If we hit 2,500 upvotes, I’ll update it to v2 👍


Nima Gardideh
Jeremy Berman
Roy Morejon
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Alex MacCaw
Alex MacCawHunterHiring@maccaw · Founder of Clearbit
This is the most comprehensive guide to user acquisition I’ve ever read. Every founder, marketer, or early growth hire should know this stuff.
Abhilash Jain
Abhilash Jain@findabhilash · Product Marketing / Growth
@maccaw I second that, great read.
Angel Lebailly
Angel Lebailly@deleted-895661 · marketer
@maccaw Nice I will get it!
Julian Shapiro
Julian ShapiroMakerHiring@shapiro ·
Hey everyone! Thanks for hunting, Alex. My goal with is to write handbooks that are exhaustive and insightful. That's a slightly obnoxious motto, right? But that's what excites me 😂 Trying to push myself to write something useful... So it made sense I finally got around to writing about growth. It's how I've been earning a living for the past three years. I started writing this handbook while I was on a startup consulting spree. I had a blast bouncing between startups so I could peek inside their operations, show them what to do, then move onto the next roller coaster. But when I decided to formalize my consulting into a proper agency, I put this handbook on hold for a couple months. Here's why: My new goal was to sign clients whose businesses would help me learn what I still hadn't mastered. So the remainder of this handbook began filling up with my calculated, on-the-job experiences. I wish I could write more handbooks with this method. Unifying my work (growth) with my passion (handbook writing) made this particularly enjoyable. Unfortunately, this probably won't happen again, as future handbook topics include playing piano and speaking Chinese 😂 I really hope all this material helps you kick ass with your startup.
Jithin Raj
Jithin Raj@jithinraj
@shapiro Wonderful work. Do you have a PDF version to share?
Julian Shapiro
Julian ShapiroMakerHiring@shapiro ·
@jithinraj Hey Jithin! Thinking of putting together an ebook this week to make it easier for people to read. I'll announce it on my mailing list. Thanks for asking.
Kevin Lou
Kevin Lou@kevinbryantlou · Founder, Anytable 🍜
@shapiro Thanks a ton! Looking forward to the pdf version as well 👍
Julian Shapiro
Julian ShapiroMakerHiring@shapiro ·
@kevinbryantlou Thanks, Kev! Hope you get value out of it.
Michael Xander
Michael Xander@michaxndr · Product Designer,
@shapiro This is really great, and yes I’d love to highlight away on my Kindle.
Toni Gemayel
Toni Gemayel@tonigemayel · Head of Growth @
Julian knows his stuff - he's one of the best growth marketers I have ever met. He's an excellent writer, and is a true full stack marketer who gets customer behavior, development & design. Must read for anyone running a startup/online biz
Uzair Ahmed
Uzair Ahmed@uzair_ahmed · President of instaMek
Everything Julian posts is great and this is no exception. Highly recommended and I've sent it all my friends who are starting up.
Richard Hayes
Richard Hayes@richardjjhayes · General SEO
I waited for something like this for a long time