This is an in-depth guide to creating ads, writing landing pages, and running A/B tests.

Written by — the premiere growth marketing training course. We also match companies with vetted growth agencies/contractors.

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This is the most comprehensive guide to user acquisition I’ve ever read. Every founder, marketer, or early growth hire should know this stuff.
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@maccaw I second that, great read.
@maccaw Nice I will get it!
Hey everyone! Thanks for hunting, Alex. My goal with is to write handbooks that are exhaustive and insightful. So it made sense I finally wrote a guide to growth marketing — as it's how I've earned a living over the past three years by running the marketing agency. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions for additional pages!
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@shapiro Wonderful work. Do you have a PDF version to share?
@jithinraj Hey Jithin! Thinking of putting together an ebook this week to make it easier for people to read. I'll announce it on my mailing list. Thanks for asking.
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@shapiro Thanks a ton! Looking forward to the pdf version as well 👍
@kevinbryantlou Thanks, Kev! Hope you get value out of it.
@shapiro This is really great, and yes I’d love to highlight away on my Kindle.
Julian knows his stuff - he's one of the best growth marketers I have ever met. He's an excellent writer, and is a true full stack marketer who gets customer behavior, development & design. Must read for anyone running a startup/online biz
Everything Julian posts is great and this is no exception. Highly recommended and I've sent it all my friends who are starting up.
I waited for something like this for a long time