How They Got There

An e-book by design expert, Khoi Vinh

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Thanks Ali. If there are any questions, I'm happy to reply to them here.
"For anyone thinking about the trajectory of their design career in the midst of continual technological change, How They Got There is an eye-opening playbook full of valuable lessons." Always great to hear about others' journeys to mastery. In this case, this looks like it'd be great for aspiring designers.
Congrats, @khoi. I have a very simple question: why did you write a book?
Thanks @rrhoover! Two part answer… I wrote a book because I love books. The process of taking a set of ideas and hammering them into a form that informs and entertains and that is deliberate and intentional enough to hopefully stand the test of time…all of that is really powerful, I think. It's different from the kind of writing that we do on the Internet; not necessarily better, but different and valuable in its own way. I wrote _this particular_ book because it's exactly the book that I would have wanted when I was starting out. The stuff about how people forge their own careers has always been the part of any interview that has interested me the most because it's a combination of practical advice and insight into a person's character. So basically, I just really wanted this book to exist, so I wrote it!