How Strong is Your Company Culture?

How is your company culture affecting performance at work?

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Thanks @philipdesmedt for hunting us :wink: We are super pumped to hear the feedback from Product Hunt community! From day one at INTUO, we strive to make people more coachable and productive at work by equipping them with the best possible tools. Recently we’ve decided to go a step further and help you answer a question about your company: how good is our culture? Some of you might say, that this was solved by numerous companies a long time ago, but, in fact, no one has ever got further than trying to establish some general sayings like “our culture is awesome because we have a ping-pong table!!“. We all know that is not how a great culture is built. So take the test and see how strong your company culture is!
Not bad! I can imagine for a solid test, there should be a few more questions, but it's definitely a good indicator. What are your further plans with this?
@thalassavanbeek Thanks! :) One of the next steps could definitely be to make the test more in depth. Out of curiosity: Which other directions would you see this test taking/going?
@thalassavanbeek Had the exact same thoughts. 😊 Validated my current assumptions about our company's culture. Interested to see more. :)
@jornvanysacker I could imagine that a team or company can create a link to be sent to all their employees, who can fill in everything anonymously, with the overall insights going back to HR/direction - and from a monetizing perspective, offer consulting/training/exercises on where to improve?
I've tried it, but didn't get if this is a marketing tool to promote the platform?
@getdriva It certainly looks like so. But it's done well and the Intuo folks who put this together are not pushy about it, so there, take my vote!
@getdriva Not willing to put my email in, but I don't fault them for it.
@getdriva @mtolmacs Thanks Mark! @ Sergii, it is a tool to create awareness around the importance of company culture. The aim was not to sell our product.

Not every company can be heaven on earth, but there are always areas that could use some effort in order to improve the work environment. You spend A LOT of your time at your job so why not create a bit of awareness that things can be different with sometimes really small changes.


It's short, fun and informative. It lets you think about your culture, or a way to vent in a harmful way. Comparing it with friends is cool!


It's pretty basic, but then again it was always meant to be just that.