How Secure Is My Password?

A tool for assessing your password strength

This tool is designed for awareness so users can realized that how easy passwords they use for their valued accounts

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Hi @riaface, thanks for hunting this valuable tool. I really like the tweets they have made. @mehmoodhanif great work. How do you see the future of this tool?
@riaface @invinciblesaad Thanks Saad for kind words. We will be adding more tools regarding password security in upcoming days. Stay connected! :)
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out
@ayush_chandra Thanks Ayush. I hope you will like it :)
No, no and no again. This tool perpetuates the old myth that a safe pz$$w0rD likes like this. The safest, and most human friendly, password is simply a collection of random words, like for example horsewintercondomarooned. There is zero need for the substitution of letters for numbers, there is zero need for mixing upper and lower case letters, there is zero need for special characters.
@andreasduess Andreas the problem is there are many people who use their name, dob, their girlfriend names as their passwords :) So its for their awareness not to do so and use different passwords for each accounts and all. We also have published a guide on password security as well.
@mehmoodhanif That may be so. However, I tested your tool with word combo passwords that I know, mathematically, to be as safe as they can get and got an "orange" at best. I then retested and made substitutions (uppercase letters, numbers for letters) to much shorter, and more vulnerable, combinations and got a green result. Your tool, while no doubt created with the best of intentions, looks to me to be a source of mis-education when it comes to real password safety,
@andreasduess As I mentioned it is for awareness base, if you use only alpha characters (a-z) so system will count it weak password as computer can check different combinations from a-z, but if you add upper case so computer need to check probability from a-z + A-Z same goes with numbers and special characters. It will decrease your probability to get hacked as per system.
@mehmoodhanif that is 100% incorrect. Google xkcd password cartoon for an easy to understand explanation. If you don’t understand the principle of entropy in password creation then you have no business releasing a tool like yours.