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Great, 27/M, now 42/F
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@jeffsoo this is an amazing miscalculation.
@jeffsoo @jackrometty It's the glasses! See my post at the bottom (I'm nearly 22). I wonder why they tack on so many more years when people are wearing glasses...
@jeffsoo @jackrometty @saraclay15 I did mine with glasses and it got me exactly right (27 F). But it didn't find a face on my avatar bunny so I have no opportunity for humor. :( (I do have to wonder what Microsoft will wind up doing with all these photo uploads and results... incorporate into Bing? Kinect? Hololens?)
@saraclay15 23 is the biggest gap I've seen so far.
@jackrometty 33 haha what was I thinking:
My theory is that if you have 4 kids, each kid adds 3.5 years to your life:
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@mijustin It's the beard.
@mijustin @bradenhamm Definitely the beard.
Haha, thats funny
I think every journalist I follow is tweeting their results right now. Here's mine: (this photo was taken 6 years ago)
@rrhoover how do I add a photo in comments?
@rrhoover @bradenhamm direct link to an image on the web, I use imgur ... make sure it ends in .jpg, .png etc..
I've never been told I look older than I am.... I'm 23. These 2 pictures were taken ~1.5 years apart... so it got the difference right. From a couple weeks ago: and from 1.5 years ago: