How not to launch is a guide for makers on what NOT to do when launching a new startup or product

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Hey there, Wendy here! It's been so great since joining PH! The community here is super legit! The feedback is amazing. Last week I launched How much does it cost to build an app ( and received a lot of love. THANK YOU GUYS!! There was so much I learned--so many knew things that "the books" don't teach you. Over the weekend I decided to capture the things that were hard to find and put them in this web app. I'd love for you to share your war stories so we can make the most epic resource for other markers. Right now it's super lean to prove the idea. I did make a roadmap of some cool things I'd like to add. It would be amazing to hear ideas that you guys have! If you have any questions or would like to report any issues, just comment below and I'll get right on it. Thanks!!
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wrote many blogs about it - and brilliant to do it in an easy to use webapp


Love the idea - lets not make the same mistakes other did


not yet

You are on a roll here Wendy! Keep on making! 🎉👏👏👏
@colinwinhall Genuinely appreciate it! The community here is a special kind of awesome!

Would recommend to anyone looking to launch an app


Nice layout and design. Interesting and useful advice before launching an app/product


None really

Neat design, would love to write and share more.
@brionnkwhitlock Please do comment and share its about the community and helping each other