How Not to Die

What to eat to help prevent the top 15 causes of death.

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@nickhumphries what's one of the foods that surprised you? What diseases can we prevent by eating what foods?
@katesegrin Flaxseeds. They're packs with nutrients (e.g. Omega-3s, protein, fiber, zinc, iron, calcium, potassium, etc..) and can be easily added to just about anything.
@nickhumphries OMG, I'm obsessed with flax seeds. When I was younger my dad used to grind them up and add them + flax seed oil to our pancakes and our family version of crepes :) The mentality was if you're going to indulge for breakfast, do it in a way that's still vaguely healthy.
Dr. Greger opened my eyes to the dangers of animal products in his 2012 video titled "Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death".
Not to mention he donates all his speaking and book-selling revenue to charity. This guy rocks!