How Much Would You Make as a Woman?

Find out how much you would earn if you were a woman

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Based on the 2018 Pursuing Women's Economic Empowerment report by the International Monetary Fund, this app computes the amount one would make as a woman based on their job, income, and location. #wagegap #genderpaygap #gender #paygap
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I appreciate the effort to display the data in an easily digestible way and it personally led me to read the report it's based on which is a +1 from me. However, correct me if I'm wrong, it seems like you're using the data from Figure 6 on page 11 and minusing the % difference between men and women. To me it seems like your site implies, for the same work you would earn this % less. Actually the data states: "According to the OECD, the gender wage gap is unadjusted and is defined as the difference between median earnings of men and women relative to median earnings of men." So it's not really accurate to say that in this industry you'll earn this % less as men and women might be working largely in different industries which pay differently. Again, thanks for the effort in raising awareness and bringing the report to my attention.
i think that may be just one of the several contributing factors to the result because subtracting the % data of p.11 does not lead to the same result as displayed here. and also if you change your answer to the second question, which specifically asks for your industry, you get different results based on different industries. so overall the end-result seems to take into account factors like the location, occupation, as well as income thresholds. that being said of course the end-result should further vary depending on several other circumstances (like what exactly the job is or whether or not a particular company is more liberal than its counterpart)...but this at least gives a rough picture and that is the point.
@luikohl criticizing the usually wonky math behind income pay gaps always earns you an ad hominem as part of the patriarchy.
actually lui's concern was pretty maturely phrased and genuine. the only one here who's trying to stoke the flames by preemptively categorising him as a "part of the patriarchy" is you. which obviously reveals more about your fragile male ego than either his comment, or my response to his comment.
@shanonnnwal please don't edit your comments after the fact. It's immature. Your previous version started with 'your comment makes me believe that you (lui) are part of the problem'.
wow. that's an outright lie. you would genuinely sink to any kind of low to make your point. but nice job trying to save your face after the fact.
this could perhaps be enriched if you could also show, like in a chart or something, the correlation between gender inequality and real GDP per Capita Growth, as well as between gender inequality and income inequality, cuz that would reveal some interesting figures and trends.
Re: the article in your product description pictures regarding Google. would be helpful to do something similar on gender pay gap with respect to corporations. in addition to locations or industries.

Read some of the works of Dr. Jordan Peterson and Dr. Warren Farrell to understand that there are many factors behind gender pay difference and what you are doing with your website is to lead women to believe that we live in a patriarchal society


I believe the intention behind this product was positive


Not educating why there is a pay difference but instead pointing out to a number (which is inaccurate as pointed out)

This does not account for any of the actual determining factors that pay is based off of: a.) job title/position, b.) years of experience, c.) education, d.) hours worked... E.g. Woman who works as a software developer, with a degree, who works 40 hours vs Man who works as a software developer, with a degree, who works 40 hours It needs to be broken down into these things to be useful. I'd love to see that