How Much To Trade Mark

Easily calculate the cost to register your trade mark

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Hi guys! We're totally stoked to be sharing this little creation with the Product Hunt community :) Here's the story: Government agencies charge registration fees for trade marks based on the number of "classes" your product or service covers. Trawling through these classes is a pretty uninspiring chore - we wanted to jazz it up a bit. We took inspiration from @mikaelcho and the team at Crew (love their work!) and with some great early insights from @sotak, this is what we came up with. We're always keen to make it better, so I'm all ears! Cheers David
A creative take on the traditionally 'vanilla' approach to choosing trademark classes found on government / legal websites. Amazing what a bit of imaginative UX can do. Great work guys!
@dhrmshr thanks Dharmesh! We're trying to make this stuff friendlier for the masses. Trade marks can be such a black art otherwise
Thanks for all the upvotes everybody!
How I can move from step 4 to step 5?
@bogomep Try selecting at least one class and hit "Done Selecting Classes". Does that help?
@davidbushby Nope. It doesn't work :) The "after selection" area is not visible for my resolution :)
@bogomep Even if you scroll down?