How Much to Produce a Song

Easily calculate the cost of producing a song

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Hi everyone, Shachar here from SoundBetter. There's a lot of uncertainty by musicians as to how much it would actually cost them to record and produce their music. We wanted to help. This tool was inspired by Crew's 'how much to make...' calculators, and it is based on data from thousands of music production projects we've been fortunate to facilitate. I'm happy to answer any questions
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As a music producer I've been asked this so many times. The prices this tool quotes are really accurate. Thanks for sharing!
I've tried it twice with different variations and the estimates seem pretty real. + it was fun :) kudos
Thanks @danjas glad to hear it
SoundBetter looks like a great service ! However, too bad the form isn't dynamic enough: I've started with a request for a full song from scratch, but still I've been asked several questions as if I had already a project going (e.g. how many tracks I had). Good design though :)
@elieslama Thanks for the feedback. Song production refers to the backing track and doesn't always include mixing which happens after vocals are recorded. But we'll revisit to see if we missed something.
Looks and functions great Shachar. Well done. As a producer myself, i'll definitely be using your page as verification for my upcoming estimates ;)