How Much To Make

Easily calculate the cost of an app, a website, or a logo.

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Mikael Cho
Creator of Unsplash
It's hard to estimate design and development projects well. At our company ( we've been matching vetted mobile and web contracts with talented designers and developers for over 3 years. Budgets have always been one of the biggest challenges. But having a lot of data helps. We made from over 30,000 design and development project submissions. How Much to Make includes 3 estimators: - How much to make an app (the first estimator we made a few years ago) - How much does a website cost? - How much to make a logo? Each estimator walks you through a series of questions to help scope and estimate your project. The budgets aren't necessarily specific to how much it costs to work with an agency, studio, or freelancer. They are meant to be ballpark ranges based on averages we've seen for hitting a high quality standard for the final product. Granted, estimates can vary greatly depending on how you decide to execute on a feature set and what your goal with the end product is (i.e. first version as a test, to be a best in class product right now, etc.). But these are the ballpark average budgets we've seen necessary to achieve top quality results. Would love to hear what you think.
Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉
@mikaelcho hey is this a new product or is this just a combo of the other sites you guys have out there already?
Ali Mese
@bentossell @mikaelcho hey Ben, this includes our newest product that we just released: And the latest data + updated formula are now integrated into the new versions of and
I really like the individual websites the Crew team made, but I don't how this is a product. This is a just a landing page with links to each estimator.
Csaba Kissi
Serial maker
Wow, simple logo estimated at about $300 :( . Maybe you need to implement the option where you can select the target developers. If you choose eg. Fiverr you can have it done for much less.