How much does it cost to build an app?

Find out how much it costs to build an app in 2019

#5 Product of the WeekJanuary 02, 2019

Historic app data from Project Management Software + Machine Learning = How much does it cost to build an app calculator

  • Ryan Hickman
    Ryan HickmanFounder Epic.Ai

    Easy to use and does a great job at asking the right questions.


    Sometimes the prices is a little high.

    I ran a few calculations to see how close the costs were to the prices my customers paid in the past for app development. It's pretty spot on. Once you think about all the changes the client will make, infrastructure and testing -- it's very justified.

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  • Tomer Dicturel
    Tomer DicturelFounder

    Smart - easy UI - reasonable prices - well put


    did it before me :-(

    wrote a story recently on medium about pricing if it too cheap and too good to be true the project will never get completed Q - how many apps did you use to build your machine learning model ? just curious .

    good luck - there a real need for such a product

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I liked the UX but I didn't like the fact I had to enter my email address - I didn't enter my email address
@dannyaziz97 Same here. Never fish for user emails without giving them something feasible first. Show me something valuable before I have to hand over my email address.
@dannyaziz97 @owenfar1 point taken. I think that by far this was the most discussed point from those who gave it a spin.
I feel the training data in your model favours high-end development. The questions are also too broad to be accurate in estimations. I like the idea but I feel the result is untrustworthy.
@colinwinhall thanks for the feedback!! The data favors highly stable projects. When we gathered the data from project management tools our threshold for acceptance was based on projects that were flagged as completed. We found the average cost landing around $160-$180k. After adding in considerations for specialized features and infrastructure we seen that number climb. All things considered we may make a freelancer mode to represent the cost basis for lower-end dev. The challenge is finding the data. In our research it's close to 88% non-completion rate.
@colinwinhall I think the price is in a reasonable range for reference purpose....
🎇🍾🥂Happy 2019 Product Hunters!! To start the first day of the year I've created my first project and thought it would be interesting to share. Historic data from Project Management Software + Machine Learning = **PROBLEM The two most common pain points across app development projects are the uncertainty of time and cost. With the mobile app market showing no sign of stopping and technology evolving to expedite development - people are still unsure of how much it REALLY costs to build an app. **SOLUTION This calculator uses machine learning across a few hundred projects to calculate the cost of developing an app in 2019. Give it a spin! I'll keep adding more possible variable inputs and variations. If you have feedback or ideas, please let me know and I will get them in.
The product looks cool, how much would it cost to build something like tik tok?
@santhosh_me Thanks! I'm going add tik tok as an example. BRB 🙏
@santhosh_me just updated the app. Now tik tok is an example you can view directly. You can click the icon in the bottom of the page or you can directly link to it here: http://www.howmuchtobuildanapp.i...
@wendyde03942462 Thanks for the update, Excellent stuff !!
I love the UX overall. Very simple and easy to use. Where did you get the data?
@ryanhickmam Thanks! The data comes from many agencies around the world. We actually export the data directly from project management tools of real projects.