How much does a website cost?

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In my 20 years in the online industry, I get asked this question a lot: "How much is a website?" To which my answer is always "The same price as a car".
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@pointandstare and a 1999 Toyota Corolla and 2016 M5 both have power door locks, air conditioning, and an automatic transmission. They both get you to and from work. But man, are they two different experiences. This tool is really well done, but for $12,000 I doubt you're getting research, moodboards, wireframes, content written, rounds and rounds of custom design iteration, etc.
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@lancescadden why? Have car prices not changed since then?
@lancescadden You should probably tell that to everyone buying $20k+ websites out there.
@michaelaleo have been for 20 years.
Pricing is tricky business. So over a year ago we made a tool to help you figure out how much any app idea is supposed to cost. It was called How Much To Make An App ( Since then, over 1 million app makers, entrepreneurs, and businesses have used it to put a dollar figure to an idea. Today, we're happy to ship 'How Much Does a Website Cost' out the door. It's based on budgets from 10,000+ project submissions on Crew to give you an even better idea of cost. And you can evolve your idea until it fits within your budget by selecting features and taking them away until your idea has what you need for the right price. The budgets aren't necessarily specific to how much it costs to work with an agency, studio, or freelancer (we have a mix of studios, freelancers and agencies on Crew). The budgets are more meant to be ballpark ranges (not final estimates) based on averages we've seen and hitting a quality standard for the final product. Estimates can vary greatly depending on how you decide to execute on something and what your goal with the end product is (i.e. first version as a test, to be a best in class product right now, etc.). But these are the averages we've seen if you're aiming to build something right now that 's top quality. If you're building a website/web app or planning to, hopefully this is useful so you have a rough idea of ballpark pricing. Let us know if you have any feedback. Thanks a lot for taking the time to check it out. Mikael and the Crew team ||
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@mikaelcho Just amazing. I'm in the market to get something built, and now I'm suddenly the expert among my friends and colleagues for quotes on projects. This helps out a lot. Great job!
@mikaelcho I'd love to see the final outcome to display a spec sheet of the answers I selected. That way, if I did direct a potential client to the site, they'd have something to send to me.
@gmgrimley Hey Gabe! Thanks for giving it a go. If you click 'Show Breakdown' at the end ( it should give you a list of the things selected. Does that help?
@mikaelcho Hey look at that. Perfect. I might have been blinded by the 0's I've been missing on my quotes I send out.
The team at Crew do it again. Last year @meseali wrote about how side project marketing has taken over from content marketing and he's totally right. What I love most about everything Crew do, is that they move fast, experiment, create super useful tools and always make them look beautiful. As a designer I really appreciate the love they put into polishing the details, and HMDAWC is no exception here. In terms of the tool, this makes total sense, both from a users perspective and for Crew. Obviously the numbers here are based around Crews pricing model, but having a simple checklist that I can point anyone who asks me how much does a website cost is really useful, this will enable them to think the details through more and get an idea of a rough cost to expect. I'll definitely be keeping this in mind next time a friend asks me this. Great work team πŸ™Œ
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@fredrivett Thanks for all these encouraging words, Fred, really appreciated! Keep inspiring us with all those tools you guys launch, too, great stuff πŸ‘Œ
@meseali Totally welcome Ali, love what you're doing with Crew πŸ‘Œ
Most of "premium" functions can be found with any WP theme, I did websites that required more than I entered in and no way it would ever cost $25000 :/
@ddulic92 You can always find someone who's willing to do it cheaper, but if you're looking to build a large scale site with an agency you'll expect to pay top dollar. I just went through and asked for everything, and the amount was $43,000-$52,000. To me that seems pretty reasonable. For sure, if you don't want to pay that then don't go to a high quality agency, go to a friend of a friend who freelances, but don't expect the same level of service and likely the quality at the end won't match up either.
@fredrivett Yes, that's why I think in these tools you should stress the value added and let the customer understand why he should pay more and if he need to pay more. @ddulic92
@ddulic92 You're a student (from your bio). Hiring real design and development firms to execute complex projects costs more than a student.
Great! Now every time somebody asks me how much it'll cost them to build a site I'll know where to send them.
@guy Thanks Guy, hope our estimator will at least give an idea of costs - let us please know whenever you've feedback for us in the future. Wish you all the best with your business!