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Uber gets a lot of bad press nowadays, but wait...who said it was meant to compete with all those taxi industries, and was meant for full-time professionals only? We'd totally like to spend a holiday socialising and driving people around in Rome, or Mexico City, or on the shores of Australia!

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Jack Gale
Jack Gale@jack_gale
would these prices apply to other apps like Liftago?
Angela Powell
Angela Powell@angela_powell1 · Marketing Anaylst
@jack_gale and ola?
Steve Jones
Steve Jones@steve_jones2 · Works at Google
how soon are the new cities that one submits implemented?
Kaitlyn Peters
Kaitlyn Peters@kaitlyn_peters · Airfare
time to get an international driving licence...
Paul Salinger
Paul Salinger@paul_salinger · Works at Google
can this be integrated with Uber's API?