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I love the concept but the execution is disappointing. When I first browsed the site, I didn't know I had to do a "reading test" to estimate my reading speed. It also doesn't "save" that estimate when looking at other books. That said, this is a handy tool, especially considering how difficult it is to estimate length by the number of pages for digital downloads.
@rrhoover Agree! Regarding it not saving the estimate, it does however save the trouble for registration. I also wonder whether it's designed that way because our reading speed might vary depending on the writing and content of the book? I know I would read a book about mathematics much more slowly than I would Game of Thrones! :D
@julietchen you're absolutely right! Some books take longer to read although it would be useful if they provided an estimate with the ability to "calibrate" it with each book.
@rrhoover I agree completely. Beyond the UX issues, the assumptions it makes are entirely false. Reading two paragraphs is entirely different from reading a 2,100 page thome. Fatigue sets in. The mind needs breaks to internalize plot and characters. For example, the site claims I could read Huck Finn in 3 hours and 18 minutes. While it might be feasible for me to read through Huck finn around that amount of time (not including breaks), I doubt I'd be able to internalize it at that pace. Reading is time-consuming, but it's valuable. It's not something that should be rushed or forced. If you're not getting lost in your books, looking up after finishing a chapter and thinking minutes have passed, when hours have, you're doing it wrong. This also doesn't take into account the material. I can read the businessy style of Steven Levy much faster than I can read Shakespeare's Elizabethan prose, or even Vonnegut's slightly sarcastic words.
@rrhoover terrible execution indeed. requires too many clicks to find out a single number (hours to read). should be like Medium. Just show me the number.
As part of my effort to read more books, I came across this web tool. Search for the book you want to read, and take a quick reading speed test, then it estimates how long it will take you to read the book! I like the simplicity of it, and it would be helpful for me to prioritise the long lists of books depending on the time I have. Since we're all reading more on Product Hunt, I thought others might find this useful as well. :)
I love the idea! However, it would be incredibly useful if the reading sample was an actual excerpt from the book and not just from the back cover. As readers, we have to test how our reading voice reacts to each author's style.
I wonder if we'll ever find the maker who would definitely benefit from all these suggestions! :D
One of the aspects that gets lost in digital books is form factor of a physical book which gives you a lot of information about how long it might take you to read. Percentage displays in devices like the Kindle do help a little. Something to complement the time estimate feature, could perhaps be a graphical representation of the thickness of books compared to each other; or perhaps some sort of graphical representation that gives you a quick idea.