How I Built This: VICE Founder, Suroosh Alvi

Recovering addict to underground magazine to VICE media

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Im loving this new series from NPR! Notes: Suroosh Alvi was a recovering addict when he started a scrappy underground magazine in Montreal. It grew into VICE Media — a multi-billion dollar company that has shaken up the world of journalism.
I've been a fan of Vice for a while and still find it incredible how it has scaled so much in the last few years. Looking forward to listening to the podcast. Suroosh needs to write a book on his journey. If this already does exist and by some miracle i've missed it, please reach out.
I absolutely love this podcast! I'm in the middle of setting up my own media co and I just love this story and the authenticity of it. Thanks for posting!
This was a really great episode. I'm also somehow had no idea that he was the founder of Vice and not Shane Smith
Awesome podcast. Just discovered it last week.. Feel like this is gonna be a new addiction haha