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Hey all, can't believe this is on Product Hunt right now. Buzzing! I've built this tool to help highlight a number of key factors that go into making a successful website, particularly for non-technical founders & business owners. I know there are a few different website graders, with the awesome one from Hubspot posted here not too long ago, but I wanted to make something a little different from the tools that seemed to be solely focussed on performance or for digital marketers. I'm hoping this can prove to be accessible for everyone from a construction worker, through to a marketer, on where some quick wins can be made with a website. Really looking forward to seeing what you all think and appreciate any feedback. We've got some ideas on where to take this next to improve it but really looking forward to any ideas to take this to the next level!
@adamjball Hey! So since seeing the big success of Website Grader from Hubspot, what is it that you do differently here :)
@bentossell hey Ben! What I've tried to do differently here is to cover off some of the key areas a business or person needs to think about to create a successful website. So we've pulled in details like social, traffic and SEO that would seem normal by default to think about in this community but others outside of our tech bubble may not consider right away. On top of that, I've tried to take all out as much industry jargon as possible so that even my mum (sorry mum) could look at the report and have some starting points to make improvements or at least have some talking points to get started with. Plus we've linked off to services + further reading so that anyone can turn themselves into a website master :)
@adamjball haha nice, it's good to think in that mindset sometimes. Did you take away any of the feedback from Website Grader and incorporate it in this?
@bentossell I had come across it around half way through and liked how some of information was being structured. Guessing the data sources and APIs being used are totally different from mine but they've got a super slick product there. They've come at it through a digital marketing lens and I think we all do that professionally as its what we know. I'm technically minded so I've really had to try and think what it's like to be in others shoes to make the report as accessible as possible. Any features that you'd think would be useful to include in the next iteration?
Getting a gremlin on an https site
@arlogilbert hey Arlo, should be fine with https but we're seeing a huge amount of usage thanks to Product Hunt so give it a sec and refresh. We're working on a fix to rate limit but if it persists then do ping me an email at adam[/at/] with the URL and business name you want a report for and I'll get this sorted for you.
Product Hunt is an 82! We have some more work to do 😀
@mscccc Ha, I would score it an instant 100! Should get extra points for cats and banter.
This is a great product!! I am currently having a project which requires me to analyse the websites.
@isabelrotton thanks Isabel and really hope it adds value to your project. Give me a shout on Twitter @adamjball if you're happy to share.