🏄‍♂️ "From Exhausted Founder to Successful Entrepreneur" is a compilation of the best tactics, hacks, and insights from prosperous entrepreneurs and executives on how to avoid burnout.
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    I'd highly recommend all my past and present clients to check this book.


    Not for lazy people, you should really follow the suggestions.

    Working with entrepreneurs can be so exhausting based on my 7 years IT experience. Keep healthy lifestyle not only fo own's sake but for people round you as well!

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  • Saurabh Chauhan
    Saurabh ChauhanCo-Founder at BlogBing

    They have really tried to touch topic, which nobody discuses. And I can surely connect myself with each and every word.



    Definitely looking for more & more guides from chanty team about entrepreneurship journey & struggle. Thanks for this awesome book.

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Hey everyone, I'm Olga, CMO at Chanty. First of all, I want to say thanks to @chrismessina for helping with our debut on Product Hunt. At Chanty we know how important it is to maintain a healthy work-life balance. That's why we can't ignore the major business disease of the 21st century — burnout. We've explored the current state of burnout in many companies, tried tons of Google-proposed instructions to solve this problem and conducted a special burnout survey with the participation of 89 founders and entrepreneurs. Then we created this eBook. "From Exhausted Founder to Successful Entrepreneur" is a compilation of the best tips and hacks on how to overcome burnout. The book has received good early feedback from our colleagues, and we hope you'll check it out and share your feedback in the comments. We’d also like to say huge thanks to everyone who took part in our survey and provided valuable advice for fighting burnout. Guys, @adamhempenstall @lesleyvos, Nenad Milanovic, Dejan Gajšek, @mikitacherkasau, Noman Siddiq, @scottarogerson, @dinokukic, Christina Willner, Danijel Milošević, @omerusanmaz, Lukas Schwekendiek, @wojciechjasnos, your insights were super useful and were included in this ebook.
Downloaded the ebook and started going over it, great content! The potential consequences of this startup lifestyle is something I've been interested in for a while and that should be addressed more! Good job to the team!
@thierrymaout Many thanks for your review, Thierry! Yep, burnout is a very tricky problem that can come back at any time. But we believe that our ebook will teach our readers to recognize the burnout symptoms at the early stage and protect themselves from it. And please check your DM to get a special bonus from Chanty team :)
I love chanty's content so definitely will give it a read.
@aazar_ali_shad Thank you! Hope our ebook will bring you many useful tips to prevent burnout symptoms ;)
This is definitely a must-read for every entrepreneur or any other person overloaded with tasks. It's quite hard to maintain work-life balance in today's busy world, but you have provided very helpful tips here, absolutely amazing solutions! Great job, Chanty!
@petra_odak Hi Petra! Thank you for your feedback! Please check your DM, I sent you our special bonus — the playlist with awesome tracks that are a great cure to burnout :)