How DNS Works

Super cute web comics about 'How DNS Works' for beginners!

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*Updated* Nice hunt @mrahmadawais! 😉 We thought explaining how DNS works with comics and jetpacks would be so much better. *** P.S.: We just received a box full of HowDNSWorks stickers and giving them away! Make you way to the end of the last episoe to find out ;)
@antoinemeunier That's great. I loved the design, esp. the part where you people created these with Canvas.
@mrahmadawais s/Canvas/Sketch 😉. All SVGs were handmade with Sketch by @sbastn.
@antoinemeunier Great stuff. Just finished the jetpack ride. What was your inspiration for this? Will be following your next comic strip :)
@shashankkr9 I'll see if I can @sbastn to either respond here, or maybe even put together a blog post about his inspiration.
Love this! It's like a marriage of a better-stylized Marvel comic and a 'How it works' creative... only more fun!
😎awesome and so desperately needed. a great way to explain such a confusing concept
@mscccc I did really enjoy when the story got sidetracked for a while, in two separate episodes :P
Love this! As I've been learning about file protocols and data storage in my new role, I seriously wish there were more resources like this. I found a cute (but not as dope as this) comic series on ~the life of a storage packet~ recently that tried to explain it in a similar way.
@stttories stay tuned ;)
This is awesome! It took me a while to finally wrap my head around this. Would have been so great to have this from day one.