Burn more calories at your desk

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 25, 2017

HOVR is designed to bring movement while sitting, helping you burn calories while at sitting at your desk.

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Oh yeah! This looks really cool! I'm sure it takes a while to get used to it, but this can potentially have so many benefits. Honestly, I think burning calories is the least important of those benefits, it's not the first thing I'd use to market it. What this product seems to be able to do really well is keep your muscles from tightening up over time. The science behind long term lower back issues that are so common from sitting at a desk is pretty clear, and the upper-leg muscles play such an important role. So yeah, very cool, I see they are already a very well established product.
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This is cool! I've seen a similar product with a sway bar under desks for students in schools. Particularly helpful for those with ADD and anxiety.
@cindymillet8 as an adult with anxiety I can attest that while my upper body may stay "calm cool and collected" during the work day, my legs are going nuts fidgeting away. This would be helpful and fun for people of all ages.
@katesegrin @cindymillet8 same! this could be a game changer for my restless legs/fidgeting
I was thinking the exact same thing- much less focused on the potential calorie burning benefits than I am the potential muscle dystrophy relief it may provide. I think I'll try this out.
Im sorry, this seems like a troll on the entire internet community. This is going to turn out to have little to no benefit similar to simply moving your legs under your desk. Wheres the thumb down button.
@jamescampbell But moving your legs under your desk is free. What fun is that?
Simple and awesome, I saw you are overfunded, congrats guys!