Hover Camera Passport

This self-flying camera drone is the new selfie stick

#3 Product of the DayOctober 13, 2016
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It may be an expensive "selfie stick" at $549 but still very cool (watch the video). @fitztepper has a good hands on view on TechCrunch.
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@rrhoover @fitztepper Yes, a bit expensive but promising :)
@rrhoover @fitztepper I do like this. $549 ain't bad if you're thinking of getting pretty serious with filming your excursions and only want to use your iPhone.
@rrhoover really awesome tech. So appealing. Definitely not impulse buy price, but for avid selfie takers this seems legit
@rrhoover Stop Autoplaying videos please.. atleast give an option in settings.. Everyone doesn't have unlimited fast internet.
@surjithctly great feedback, Surjith! We recently rolled this out -- will discuss with the team.
This is way cool! I think I could justify this roided-out selfie stick for around $299 or so. It also doesn't say anything about being waterproof, so I would worry about taking it the the beach / kayaking etc.
If the price comes down a bit this could be huge. Really cool and practical.
fine. take my money, this is so dope!
Imagine a ton of people having these at the same tourist attraction. Drones be bumpin'!