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Dan HeldMaker@bitonbit · BD @Interchange
Hover is the simple, one stop shop app for drone enthusiasts! Features include news feeds, weather data, flight readiness indicator and no-fly zone maps. Hover keeps everyone safer by providing no-fly zone maps for drone pilots!
Max Ciociola@maxciociola · CEO musixmatch
it's missing one top feature: UV data like this http://www.n3kl.org/sun/noaa.html A must for gps based drones.
Dan HeldMaker@bitonbit · BD @Interchange
@maxciociola We'll be adding solar flare warnings in the next 1-2 updates :)
Adam O'Kane@adamokane · working on something new 🤐
AWESOME tool! This will come in really handy and saves a bit of time. Would've paid for it. People who have drones at this point can spare a few bucks. You should charge. One tiny design question - any reasoning behind doing a black border around the app icon?
Dan HeldMaker@bitonbit · BD @Interchange
@adamokane We add the black border around the app icon because it helps the icon pop against the background, especially if the background is lighter color.
Kristofer™@kristofertm · #7 Product Hunter. E-Skateboard fanatic
Love the map. Last thing I want is to accidentally fly in an area I'm not supposed to and get in trouble. Question for anyone listening: I thought drones were getting programmed with the areas you can't fly in so that it wouldn't let you enter the area in flight. Is this not in place already? or a planned thing for the future? or was this just a weird dream of mine?
Dan HeldMaker@bitonbit · BD @Interchange
@KristoferTM Some drones like the DJI Phantom model are programmed to prevent users from flying in no-fly zone areas. However, most of the other drone manufacturers don't do this.
Marc Mezzacca@mmezzacca · Founder, CouponFollow
Hah wow, like the concept and design... @allmakebelieve you should check this out
Dan HeldMaker@bitonbit · BD @Interchange
@allmakebelieve @mmezzacca Thanks man, I really appreciate the positive feedback!