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Hover is the simple, one stop shop app for drone enthusiasts! Features include news feeds, weather data, flight readiness indicator and no-fly zone maps. Hover keeps everyone safer by providing no-fly zone maps for drone pilots!
it's missing one top feature: UV data like this http://www.n3kl.org/sun/noaa.html A must for gps based drones.
@maxciociola We'll be adding solar flare warnings in the next 1-2 updates :)
AWESOME tool! This will come in really handy and saves a bit of time. Would've paid for it. People who have drones at this point can spare a few bucks. You should charge. One tiny design question - any reasoning behind doing a black border around the app icon?
@adamokane We add the black border around the app icon because it helps the icon pop against the background, especially if the background is lighter color.
Love the map. Last thing I want is to accidentally fly in an area I'm not supposed to and get in trouble. Question for anyone listening: I thought drones were getting programmed with the areas you can't fly in so that it wouldn't let you enter the area in flight. Is this not in place already? or a planned thing for the future? or was this just a weird dream of mine?
@KristoferTM Some drones like the DJI Phantom model are programmed to prevent users from flying in no-fly zone areas. However, most of the other drone manufacturers don't do this.
Hah wow, like the concept and design... @allmakebelieve you should check this out
@allmakebelieve @mmezzacca Thanks man, I really appreciate the positive feedback!