Houseparty, your favorite group video chat app is now available on your desktop. You can wave to friends, call them and even join a room, all from your Mac.

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Nice timing with Apple's announcement of group FaceTime (obviously very similar looking to Houseparty) at WWDC today. πŸŽ‰ I'm curious why you're expanding to the desktop, @benrbn. Knowing you and the team, I'm sure there was a behavior or trend that inspired this expansion. Or maybe it's as simple as making it easier to use Houseparty more frequently, everywhere.
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Apple just killed you tho 😿
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@jerrebm lol u obviously dont have (android) friends
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@jerrebm @msg Where is Google at? Google duo is extremely good but where is the group calling?!
Yesssss! finally! @houseparty 4 #MAC! HP has been -THE- family standard for cross platform, cross continents communication - Cheers @benrbn & team!

ive been testing the beta for a couple of months and love that I can quickly jump into a party with friends.


it lets you quickly hit up your friends when you are on your desktop


its not a con more of a feature request: I want to share links while chatting with friends

Was WWDC's group facetime announcement a coincidence or did you launch after seeing it?
@alexandrapersea No, we've been planning this for a long time. See some comments from @benrbn here