Houseparty 1.5

Live video chat with friends, now with groups and texting 🎉

Houseparty 1.5 is FaceTime for groups. Now you can make guest lists, name your groups, and group chat away (pro tip: you can even buzz the guest list all at once). Pretend keeping your social circles separate in real life is as easy as separate Houseparty rooms.

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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Houseparty just introduced groups, turning the platform into more of a permanent channel for communication. Now friends (up to 16 per party) can start to continue a conversation beyond its initial formation. I'm part of some Facebook Groups that have existed for 3+ years. This evolution and the addition of texting makes a ton of sense and will help build out Houseparty's social group. Meanwhile, Facebook's already introduced a Houseparty-like video chat feature and rumored to release a similar standalone app called Bonfire (h/t @caseynewton).
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Josh Elman
Product Builder (Twitter, FB. Robinhood)
@rrhoover this is a pretty awesome new release. I have been buzzing friends a lot more recently.
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Every product expands until it includes messaging. Congrats @benrbn and team!
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Jason Hitchcock
Problem Solver @ Bebo
whats up with the banner ad on the homepage for another house party?
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Simon Bromberg
@jasonhitchcock Presumably the compromise from some kind of trademark dispute.
Liat Mordechay
Co Founder CMO at 24me
Congrats @benrbn and the team. Love the new update!
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Jeremy MartinCTO, Stream.Live
Congrats on the new release, @benrbn (et al.)! Group management felt like a bit of a missing piece to me, so this is a very welcome update. Texting seems like a smart engagement hook, too - looking forward to digging around some more!
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