Houseparty 1.0

Group video chat app — now on iPad!

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❤️ Now I can see my friends faces even bigger on iPad?!? Amazing
Houseparty is a blast. We got my parents on it and were chatting with them as they were turning in for the night, and then suddenly some of my friends joined our party from a rowdy bar in NYC. It was a hilarious clash of worlds. One comment- it is a mega battery drainer. I know it's a given that videochat would use more battery than other apps, but do you guys have anything underway to try to optimize battery usage?
Congrats to everyone that worked on this <3
iPad 🏠🎉 iPad 🏠🎉 iPad 🏠🎉 iPad 🏠🎉 iPad 🏠🎉 iPad 🏠🎉 iPad 🏠🎉
Trying to figure out if 1.0s are as significant as they used to be? But if this is Houseparty 1.0, here's what's new: Psst...we've got a secret to tell you. We've been working on a shiny new version of the app and it's finally HERE! Try it out for a fast(er) connection, smoother video and way less lagging. Oh, and did we mention that we're looking fresh on iPad? More improvements to come because like a fine wine, we get better with age.
@chrismessina haha chris. nothing too big on features side. we just fixed technical debt of growing a *whole lot* since august. so not a lot of features besides iPad support, product that's actually working on android and lastly, conversations should not fail as much.
@benrbn cool, well, congrats on reaching the 1.0 milestone, even if, in your numbering scheme, it's a minor one! :)
@benrbn I love the vision and very impressed by the execution 🙌
@chrismessina @benrbn Hi, I know your pretty busy, but I may suggest that new, and more boarder games are to be added? I checked as many comments before asking this! Could be a lot of partnership there with popular games (outside of Epic Games) waiting to get featured with Houseparty.