House Party FM

24/7 TV radio station of uplifting summer house music

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Cool site. I usually put on a Spotify playlist if I need some house music, but this is even easier - and free! Just one thing - I can't get the sound to work on Chrome (Mac), though works fine on Firefox. Anyone else have this problem?
Hey Adam, thanks for the feedback. Hmm, not sure why this is happening. I'll take a look.
Awesome work @aaronlumsden, listening to this now! I also spotted the issue with Chrome on Mac. Working fine in Safari :)
@ay8s Thanks dude. Yeah I'm working on a fix for it now. :-)
@aaronlumsden @ay8s hey great site! love it - however can't still hear anything on chrome. :-/
Great site, but it's not working right now, at least for me.