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Slots, in general, are interesting games to play, but luck has not been with me so far. I play more for fun on https://mr.bet/ . Though yesterday I managed to get two small wins and it's so pleasant:)
I adore poker, blackjack and online casinos http://onlineslotsx.com/ , especially slots and roulette for them. But from my own experience I should mention that you should be careful with online ones, if you want to play, than it's really better to choose only licensed sites, there's much scam in this sphere and sometimes people had very unplesant issues with their bank cards because of this.
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Hi, everybody, as soon as I ran into this site https://bitcoinblackjack.online/ I felt really agitated for I'm eager to try playing blackjack, gambling is my passion, well I'd like to find out just one thing, does btc blackjack have any special rules, different from the normal ones? Does anyone know that?