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Brandon Gadoci
Brandon GadociHunter@bgadoci ·
My brother-in-law who runs a power washing business just started using this service to allow his employees to better communicate with their appointments throughout the day. He loves it. There is a big opportunity in products like this as movers, landscapers, and many other like business struggle to communicate appointment times based on a job schedule and job durations.
Roland Ligtenberg
Roland LigtenbergMaker@rolandal · Co-founder, HouseCall
@bgadoci That's great to hear! We have a lot of power washing and window cleaning businesses using our product. Make sure he is using the marketing automation features, that drives tons of repeat business for many of our customers!
Aaron Nussbaum
Aaron Nussbaum@aaron_nussbaum
The product looks really feature packed. The automated postcard advertising seems to be a unique mix of the modern aspect of using your service coupled with the old-school way many service companies operate. Do you find your customers use postcard marketing more than email marketing?
Roland Ligtenberg
Roland LigtenbergMaker@rolandal · Co-founder, HouseCall
@aaron_nussbaum Great question. What we see our customers do most often is enabling both to take full advantage of multi-channel re-marketing. Often they'll setup drip campaigns on email that coincide with their post card drip campaigns. Ex (Thank you email + Thank you postcard, Discount coupon email + service reminder postcard)... Before our software, if they were interested in doing these things they would have to cobble together multiple other softwares (at a MUCH higher price point, in addition to STEEP learning curve)
Tyler Hayes
Tyler Hayes@thetylerhayes · Bebo
This looks awesome. I love tools that make SMBs easier—pair this with Thrive and you've got a powerful command center on your phone to run your entire business. I wonder how many SMBs can exist now thanks to these tools vs. before them, considering how much overhead they remove and how much insight they expose that was previously hidden. I imagine more than a few.