HourStack for iPhone

Time tracking and resource scheduling for iPhone

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I'm co-founder of HourStack and excited to announce our brand new iPhone app for time tracking and resource scheduling! The idea behind HourStack came a couple of years ago when I would never find enough time in the day to focus on one thing and get it done. All I had was 'an hour here and an hour there', so I designed HourStack to help make the most of each hour. Our tagline is 'make every hour count'. We launched the web version last year and it's been a huge success. Individuals use it like I do for planning and tracking time, and teams use it for resource scheduling and managing their employees time. We put many hours into the iPhone app so that you get the same beautiful user experience as you do on the web app. We hope you enjoy using it and become more efficient with your time. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be glad to answer!
@stulogy been using the app on my iPad and I have to say its helped me a TON! I can relate to you not having undisturbed chunks of time to really get something done. I’d love to help you guys as a beta tester to help make the app even better that is if you’re looking outfor one. Reach out to me on adityadevang[at]gmail.com 😄 Again, kudos for the iOS launch!
@iamadityashth so awesome to read this! Thank you, made my day. Yeah we're planning on rolling out a bunch more apps for iPad, Android, Mac OS etc. Thanks again!
@stulogy Sure thing. Waiting for your email. AND DESPERATELY NEED A MACOS APP. 😉
Fan of Hourstack! We use it with the team to plan and schedule our resources wisely, and track how long we are working on certain features, tasks and customers. It already saved us quite some time + we have a solid feeling about how much we underestimate our work :)
@robertvhoesel Thanks Robert for the kind words! I might be in touch with you to see if we can use your words for the website :-)