Make time to get your tasks done.

Access all of your tasks, todos and events in one place and simply drag them onto your week for quick and easy time planning. Build powerful reports to analyze team utilization and how time was spent and on what. Make time to get your tasks done—simple time planning and time tracking for individuals and teams.

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By the way, if you like the app let me know and I'll get you a free upgrade to the Solo plan (just for Product Hunters) – just click on the help button once inside the app.
@stulogy What integrations do you see in the future for HourStack besides Slack? For example, our team uses Trello but not any existing time-tracking plugins.
@iamrandyellis Yes Trello. Basically it's based on demand. We'll see what people ask for, but we need initial traction first which was why we thought Slack was a good idea first because there aren't (weren't) any other time tracking apps for Slack Commands yet.
@stulogy I'm not seeing the button, help? Thanks! I'm thinking I could really dig this. Great job!
@stulogy @iamrandyellis great stuff ! Very interesting indeed to have that on slack ! Would love to see Asana integration :)
@anachronikal @iamrandyellis yeah we are working on an Asana integration right now. Hopefully Trello too.
@samir_doshi thank you! Yes it does seem that way :-)
i've been tracking my hours in slack for some freelance work, have been keeping an eye out for something like this! I envisioned it to be a little smarter - i.e. when I send my first message on a given day, a bot would reply asking if I'd like to start a timer.
@sammybauch Yes I love it! That's a really good idea. We're working on a bot but we're not quite sure how the intelligence should work. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Drop me a line in the app if you want to talk more.
@stulogy @sammybauch it would be really cool to have a list suggestion of the "projected allocated entries" to avoid duplicate when /hourstack start
Hey product hunters. This app allows you to track time directly from Slack, as well as allocate your time for the week. It's free for individuals. Let me know what you think!
Was using toggl all this while. This looks even better. Will try this out!