Hours for Apple Watch

Track time with a glance and a tap

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I just posted to Medium about our long term plans for Hours, why we are making it free, and how the Apple Watch fits in. The goal is to transition from a successful app to a real business: https://medium.com/the-hours-blo...
@jerols Looks great Jeremy. This will be one of the first apps I'll install when I get my watch....hopefully any minute now!
@robjama thanks Robleh!
I've been using the app since day one and really like it, but I still sometimes forget to start/stop timers so I was looking forward to OS X version because that's where I actually do the work and it seems like a more convenient place. Didn't really think about Watch, but it seems like best of both worlds. It's *always* there, no matter if I'm working or I already left my desk and forgot to stop the timer, but missed the notification from iPhone in my pocket.
I really like where this app is going. Clean interface and distills time tracking down to the core pieces that matter. I can't wait to try it for the watch!