Hours 2.0

The time tracker you will actually use. Now on the web.

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Jeremy Olson
@jerols · Founder, Tapity
Just posted a Medium article about why time tracking is something everyone should do and how Hours makes tracking time as you go realistic: https://medium.com/@jerols/hours... Would love your thoughts.
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Jeremy Olson
@jerols · Founder, Tapity
Hey guys, wow! I woke up this morning to Hours being on the front page of Product Hunt. Thanks everyone! We were planning to officially launch this afternoon but I guess this is it! We have a lot of work to do and some things may not work correctly but most stuff should work pretty well. I've been learning the hard way that web launches are a whole differ… See more
Pete Heslop
@pwheslop · Co-Founder ThisisTap.com
Nice looking app. Reminds me of Toggl.
Jeremy Olson
@jerols · Founder, Tapity
The key difference between Hours and most time tracking apps is that we are focused on tracking time *as you go through the day* as opposed to later. This focus drives features like persistent timers (you don't need to tell us what you work on every day, just start and stop timers on your common tasks) and the visual timeline (see a visual accounting to quic… See more
Emil Sundberg
@emilsundberg · Founder & CEO of Snowfire
Beautiful app! Yesterday I signed up for 4-5 different time tracking apps since I'm looking for a replacement for our current app. This looks better than everything I have tried so far! Too bad it doesn't have a osx menu bar app I'm not a heavy user, and only use time tracking on some projects. I often start the tracker and forget about it. And then I get a… See more
Alexandre Bantz
@performat · iOS @BCG DV
Hey there! I use Hours everyday since I started freelancing, and although I tried different services, that's only one which really stuck with me, mainly thanks to its simplicity and flexibility. Today, the version 2.0 was released on iOS with a fresh coat of paint, support for 3D Touch and sync between devices, along with the launch of a Web client and a Pr… See more