Hourly Exercise

A simple, time-friendly app for working out/being healthy

Hourly Exercise is a simple, time-friendly, iOS app, aimed at those who want to be more active throughout the day, and ultimately, healthier.

Leveraging iOS notifications, Hourly Exercise will remind you to get up and do a basic exercise, once every hour; You may do it, or skip it if you can't do it right then and there.

Hi Product Hunters! Meet my latest project: ⏱️Hourly 🤸Exercise! ❓ Why I made it As modern-day humans, we tend to sit around a lot—Even as someone who goes to gym regularly, I still spend majority of my day sitting around—and this isn't good for our health... Hourly Exercise aims to fix this! 😲 How it works 1. Download the 📲app 2. Select your 📊fitness level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) 3. Do your ⏱️hourly exercise (or skip it if you can't right now) 4. Be ❗notified after 1 hour that it's time for another "micro-workout" 5. ✅Complete workout (or skip workout if you can't do it right now) 6. Repeat steps 4-5... And be one healthy son-of-a-gun 💪 If you have any questions at all, please ask away! 😊
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I can't download this (android) but a great idea! Have you thought of gamification? For example, private groups of friends could challenge each other for "streaks", etc?
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@thomasoscareric no I hadn't even considered gamification yet, but I love your line of thinking. Streaks would definitely be a simple way of implementing some form of gamification into the app. I will certainly consider this for a near-future release :)
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Looks awesome! Does it sync with Apple Health? Thanks
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@giacomolaw not yet, but I 100% plan to integrate it with Apple Health!
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Have just done my first session of exercise with your app (and it didn't kill me...). Micro-workouts are such a great idea! Suggestion: Would be useful to to have customizable times to switch off the notifications e.g. I would only want to have hourly notifications from 8am to 5pm during the week and not during the night. And +1 for gamification!
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@lilivinx Glad you're getting use out of it! :) I'm actually in the process of building a feature that does exactly that! Should be in the next update. Stay tuned ;)
@jarrod looking forward to the updates. Quick question - why are the exercises odd numbers per set eg 19 floor taps or 17 arm circles? Not a complaint- actually appeals to me in a quirky sort of way but I was wondering if there was some science behind it?
@lilivinx they're actually odd *and* even, you can get between 5 and 20 reps, must just be your luck that you've only gotten odd so far :P
Great!! world is going to be healthy #health #fit