Hourly Billing Is Nuts

Essays on the insanity of trading time for money

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Jane Portman@uibreakfast · Founder @uibreakfast, @Userlistio
There isn't another person in this world more qualified to write such book than Jonathan Stark. He's THE guru of value-based consulting. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to escape the hourly treadmill (where you actually get punished for being more effective). Congrats on the launch Jonathan! :)
Jonathan StarkMaker@jonathanstark
@uibreakfast AW! Thanks Jane!
Jonathan StarkMaker@jonathanstark
Hey gang! I'd love to answer questions about my new book, so feel free to ask me anything. Cheers! —J P.S. I set up a discount code especially for you -> use HUNTER at checkout for 30% off. Enjoy!
Stas Kulesh@stas_kulesh · Creative Director @ Sliday.com
@jonathanstark 80% discount (updated)
Gregg Shanefelt@gregg_shanefelt
Great book on changing your mindset of how to bill clients.
Jonathan StarkMaker@jonathanstark
@grshane Thank you, sir!
Phil Wright@wrightph · iOS Developer, Touchopia
Absolutely loving the book. Really helps to understand value based fees! Highly recommended!
Jonathan StarkMaker@jonathanstark
@wrightph Thanks for your note! Much appreciated :)
Swaroop Hegde@swarooph · Founder, EthVigil
I was just discussing hourly billing with a friend earlier today and how the world needs to get rid of it. Would love to get a peek into the book :)
Jonathan StarkMaker@jonathanstark
@swarooph Hi! Check out the pinned tweet on my Twitter account @jonathanstark for a big discount code. Cheers!