A clock that countdowns to your favorite events

The countdown is on. Can't wait until your birthday, anniversary, a vacation, or anything else? Keep track of all exciting and upcoming events in your life with Hourglass.
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As a Software Engineering student, I naturally wanted to develop an app during my winter break. As there were no good Android countdown clock apps, I decided to make one -- a spiritual successor to an app I designed a few years ago for iOS. With Hourglass, you can make and follow a countdown to your favorite events that you have to look forward to! Features - Notifications - Light / Night Theme - No frills design - Accessibility focused
@richardr0924 I dig the clean design! Any plans for an iOS version? πŸ“²
@amrith Thanks so much!!!! And unfortunately I no longer have a Mac so I can't develop an iOS version at this time.
@amrith @richardr0924 perhaps you could go to a local university or library where there are Mac computers free to use πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ. I have been using an ancient app called Time Tracker or something of the like, and its so outdated πŸ™, not only visually, but functionally. It does have a neat feature that shows every measure of time from the year level all the way down to seconds, individually or all at once. That feature is pretty cool. One pain in the rear is that future events dont automatically convert to past events. But I'm sure your app has those things factored in. One thing to consider is the share of smartphone users that use an Apple iPhone in the United States; its 45.1% 🀯. https://www.statista.com/statist... It's obv. one source but the point is simple. Nearly half of all smartphone users are on an iOS device. I don't know how many people that works out to be, but I do know that it's HALF of YOUR CUSTOMERS, which are smartphone users, regardless of OS, and not ONLY android users because you don't currently own a mac. "Do whats needed, not whats easy!" -Me & probably someone else...
@v_s_design Thanks, I'll take that into consideration! My winter break is ending so either way it will be quite a while until I have enough time to port it to iOS. Also, what do you mean by `future events don't automatically convert to past events'? In my app, once the countdown reaches 0 it stays at 0 since I thought people don't really care about the time since an event occured
@richardr0924 You wrote: "As there were no good Android countdown clock apps" β€” Actually, there is, and a very good one: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.samruston.hurry
Is there a widget with this? That would make it worth a purchase.
@claude_dech Not yet, but I plan on making a widget for the next update!
@claude_dech I've been using Hurry β€” a great Android countdown clock app that provides widgets: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.samruston.hurry
@claude_dech Just updated Hourglass, it now has a widget and is free!
@richardr0924 Thanks! I tried it out... The app is so beautiful but the widget doesn't seem to use any of that design. If it did, it would be perfect.
@andre_lima3 Thanks for the suggestion, it has a nice widget and I'll use it.