An everyday support system for life in the city with dogs.

Everyone needs a hand w/ their dog sometimes. In a city you’re surrounded by neighbours who’d be happy to lend a hand if they knew you needed it. We knock on doors so you don’t have to, connecting you to a shortlist of neighbours who’ve said yes to helping when you ask for it. Get a hand whenever you need it w/o breaking the bank. And help others.

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Hey there @lilrkt I'm a big fan of using Dog Buddy over here in the UK. What sets Houndr out from the pack (terrible pun intended 😂🙄)? Will we be seeing Houndr making it across the pond anytime soon? Dele (my schnauzer) and I would love to try it out. 🐶
@ems_hodge Hey Emily, sorry for the super delayed response! The big thing that distinguishes Houndr from the pack (!) is that it's not a directory where prospective sitters post their services for variable rates. To us this is fundamentally no different from hiring a dog walker or boarder in your neighbourhood. They don't really do anything different from what already exists. Houndr instead connects you to a shortlist of neighbours who have said yes to helping you out for low, fixed rates. No weeding through long lists of options. No evaluating competing prices. Simply get a hand from a neighbour. Because they've already said yes, you just pick the one you like best. Here you shape an everyday support system, a Circle of humans you know you can count on without breaking the bank. And help other humans when they need it, making a bit of extra money. I hope that helps! Check out the new website too -- gethoundr.com 👋 🌭 And hopefully we'll make it over the pond soon!! We'd love to meet Dele. - Amy