Freshly cooked, human-grade meals for your dog 🐢🍱

Houndist is rethinking dog food. Freshly cooked, human-grade ingredients, no preservatives meals for your dog, delivered to your door.

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Kyle Conarro
Co-Founder @ Ad Reform / Userfeed
The early access link goes to a private Typeform: https://houndist.typeform.com/to... Also noticed their social media accounts have been quite for some time now.
Rebecca GarciaGeekGirlWeb
@conarro Hm, looks like it was taken down? (Directly from site and the link you provided)
Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
"Human-grade ingredients" πŸ˜„ I want to hear more about recipe development and taste testing - do they have food labs with pups in bibs trying everything out? πŸ‘€
Rebecca GarciaGeekGirlWeb
Curious to see how this is different from Ollie or if it's just in a different geographic area? We've been struggling with food for our puppy (6 months now) who seems to have sensitive tummy troubles. She's been grain free since the start and we've gone through good quality brands (Merrick, Blue Buffalo) and she's still having issues. When we put her on plain chicken and rice, she was fine.
Ken Cucchia
Global Partner @ Crypto Asset Rating
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