Code review tool for GitHub pull requests

#5 Product of the DayApril 26, 2014

Hound is the GitHub code review tool the thoughtbot team wanted but never got, so they built it. You can use it too. Now checking Ruby, JS, Swift, CoffeeScript, Go, Elixir and more.

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This is awesome. We currently use our own scripts to do the same thing. Anything as a service is better!
Nice! As a new ruby developer I'm going to start using this.
@riccardoar this is the tool @shedd was recommending the other day.
@rrhoover, in the future how do I chime in as the maker if I didn't create the post?
@scottalbertson we're adding a feature to crowdsource this next week but in the meantime, tweeting at @ProductHunt works. :)