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#4 Product of the DayMarch 01, 2016
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Thanks so much for the Hunt @chrismessina, and hello Product Hunt! Hound is the voice search & assistant app from the team at SoundHound Inc. After years of development behind the scenes, we're excited to announce that it's now available for download on both iOS and Android in the US. Hound is the first consumer product to utilize the Speech-to-Meaning recognition technology from our voice-enabling platform, Houndify. This makes Hound different: - Extremely fast and accurate responses - Speak naturally, no need to speak in keyword phrases - Follow-up to filter, sort, or add more information so you can be specific You can also use it hands-free by saying, "Ok Hound…" Hound is constantly improving and expanding with new data to provide more answers on a wider variety of search queries. In this launch, we’re also pleased to highlight partnerships with Uber and Yelp, enabling users to order an Uber car or access Yelp’s business listings by speaking to Hound naturally, as if they’re speaking to another person. We believe that voice interaction will eventually become the preferred means of communication with devices, and we aim to make this simple, effective, and enjoyable for people. We’ll be answering questions today, and you can always contact us for support. We look forward to hearing feedback from this incredible community. Thank you! Andi
@abgeorgiana eagerly waiting for Hound in App Store UK
Hound is incredibly fast! And the ability to ask follow up questions is really top notch. Not once did I get "I'm not sure what you mean"
@bryceoflife Thank you! Great to hear that you've had a good experience. We welcome any more feedback you may have as you continue to use it.
This app just made my home screen bottom icons :D Great job guys!
@yamill3 Love hearing that! Thank you for the kind words and please let us know if you have any feedback as you continue using it!
As we @adorilabs work on transforming audio experiences, and absolutely love the power of voice interfaces, we want congratulate the Soundhound team. Yes, lots of biggies working in this space, but kudos for their perseverance and hard work over so many years. We are excited about trying their developer API in interesting ways.
@kartikparija @adorilabs Thank you! As you know this type of work does take perseverance but is very rewarding when you see the difference it can make in people's lives. Congrats to your team as well on everything you're building - we look forward to seeing what you do with Houndify, keep us posted.
@abgeorgiana Thanks Andi. We are getting close to releasing alpha and need all the good wishes we can get. And would be great to have access to some TLC when we do start playing around with Hound/Houndify. Perhaps you will help us connect with the right folks within Hound at the right time. Cheers!
@kartikparija Absolutely, would be happy to. Best of luck, and stay in touch!
@kartikparija @adorilabs That's awesome Kartik. I work on Houndify, the Voice Recognition Developer API so feel free to ping me if you have questions, or just use the Contact form on www.houndify.com.
@tilomitra @abgeorgiana Wow thanks Tilo and Andi. We are feeling the TLC already. Will ping you very soon. Cheers and good luck with everything. 👊
YES! It's out! AND it's GOOD!!!! 🙌
@as_austin Thank you!! We're excited too!