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Over the past 10 years HoudahSpot has grown to become a Mac essential. It is the file search tool of choice for those who need to who have accumulated enough data to spend time in Spotlight tracking it down. HoudahSpot works just the way you expect search to work. Start with a simple search. Refine it by adding and combining criteria. Browse search results. Add columns. Preview files and text matches. Pick the files you really need. HoudahSpot in the press: macsparky.com : There simply is no faster way to ferret out files on your Mac brettterpstra.com : HoudahSpot has long been my tool of choice for filling the holes in Spotlight mac360.com : HoudahSpot is fun to use and probably is the interface Apple should use in Spotlight macworld.com : […] easy-to-use interface that keeps all the important details at your fingertips
Was just about to hunt this but saw it had already been hunted. Am astonished that there isn't more activity / up-votes on this.