Know how much it went hotter/colder than yesterday

#5 Product of the DayJuly 04, 2015
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Hot Or Cold is a new way to look at the weather. Instead of having to look at numbers and sorting out is it hotter or colder at a certain day.. The app does this on its own. It displays how colder or hotter it got in an easy and visually nice way
@m_3abwahab I can't thank you enough.
This is vero smart and something I've been thinking about for quite a while. I don't really know how say 23° feel like, but I certainly remember how yesterday felt like.
@giordanobd Giordano, thank you for your support, if you have any suggestions to make HotOrCold better, please tell me about them to put them into consideration.
Good idea!
@mostafaaminway Mostafa, thank you very much, I owe you one
I am not a professional designer, but I would switch the change and "it's a bit hotter/warmer than yesterday." it's pretty subjective, but I would rather get even just "hotter/colder" and have the "^3*" below in small print. aside from that this app is definitely cooler than the last weather app I downloaded. nice job!
@rometty_ we are delighted that HotOrCold is better than your last downloaded weather app, if you please elaborate more on the suggestion you made, we'd be even more delighted.
Good idea. I'm always confused about Fahrenheit.
@sgzhaohang we're more than happy to save you some precious processing power of yours to invest them in your sexy hacking.