Simple yet powerful lists with a keyboard only interface

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This is in alpha release btw!!! I like this :) - I did get a little lost on the tour. The cheat sheet should be easily accessible at all times haha. A quote from @joshelman comes to mind: Your product doesn't need to be easy to use, just easy to learn The tutorial does a good job but could do more - maybe with some GIF examples etc
Thank you for hunting us @bentossell! The app used to let you toggle the display of a cheat sheet to the right of the list. However, the cheat sheet could only contain so many hot keys ( my dad complained about the shrinking font size ). So I removed the cheat sheet and replaced it with the ability to browse the currently active contexts and hot keys, but I forgot to remove the reference to it from the tour before releasing though.
@foremil @bentossell i accidentally exited out of the tour and now have no idea what i'm doing. ;-) it looks interesting though.
@kleerkoat @bentossell Yeah, I might need to either add a confirmation before exiting the tour or allow for someway for the user to get back to the tour ( at least during that session ). At the moment, if you want you can DM us on Twitter the email you used to sign up and I can turn the tour on for you manually.
It look like a cut from Workflowy for now (which is more relevant than products in Related). Real alpha. Hope it grows into something useable, good luck to founder.
Hello everybody, I'm the maker of Hotkey. After working in teams that used a variety of task trackers, I found that teams often end up with a giant unprioritized pool of tasks. The selection of tasks from the pool is at times arbitrary, but it is immensely important to the progression of the product. In my opinion, the best way to move a product in a discernible direction is through active prioritization. This app attempts to stress prioritization. The interface is keyboard only because in my opinion it is by far the fastest interface. The time you save will compound constantly. It is also the best way to fit the most functionality into a minimal visual interface. Since buttons and menus are not necessary for each additional function the tool can be easily extended and customized. As people begin using the app, I plan on adding integrations that will really show case the power of the keyboard only interface. In the discussions you will be able to post references to outside resources ( Github PR, JIRA issue, Dropbox file, Tweet, etc. ) and then hot keys will allow you to perform actions on those outside resources ( auto merge a Github PR, close a JIRA issue, download a Dropbox file, retweet a Tweet, etc. ). At the moment, we need some people to participate in the alpha and provide feedback, so don't hesitate to contact us either at @HotkeyApp on Twitter or at Thank you for giving it a try.
I dig this.. also I wonder if this qualifies as an invisible app? πŸ˜„