HotGloo 5

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Hi Product Hunt community, Wolf, COO at HotGloo here. First of all thanks for adding us. It's great to see HotGloo5 being listed. It's been a tough journey for us over the last couple of months. As some of you may know HotGloo has been around since early 2009 and together with Protoshare we've been the only tool back then that has been designed for web-based usage only. Over the years more and more tools arrived and tried to get their cut - some have left, some have received massive fundings and have driven the competitive space forward. The initial version of HotGloo has been entirely Flash based which was the only technology capable of handling the amounts of data needed to power a visual editor. But as we all agree the Flash era is over and it has taken us a while to dive into new technologies and to build up an entirely new version of HotGloo. One of the reasons why it has taken us so long is that we've always been a bootstrapped company and still are to this day. We are a small core team of three people trying hard to deliver the best experience and the right set of features needed for creating interactive and collaborative wireframes and prototypes. So here is to the next era of HotGloo! Really appreciate your support and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask or leave any feedback on HotGloo5. Cheers, Wolf PS: for all Product Hunters we got a small discount: 50% off your first month subscription with code: thankyouproducthunt valid until Aug, 30, 2016.
Congrats on shipping guys! Will make sure to check it out :)
@maxronai Thanks! Looking forward to your fededback.