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Thanks Ryan! We saw a ton of weekend getaway booking on HT, so we wanted to make finding the best place (price, quality, distance, weather...) easier than it's ever been. The team did an amazing job delivering a product to help you discover and book the best hotels for weekend getaways as well as on-demand/now getaways. Look forward to hearing what people think of it. PS if you haven't booked with HT before, use code TONIGHT for an extra $25 off your first booking.
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Very smart expansion for HotelsTonight. I tell myself I'm bad at planning getaways (in reality, I just hate doing the work) so I'm looking forward to trying this out soon. I wonder if nightlife discovery, something BottlesTonight offers, is coming next.
I think this is a nice add-on, being able to find the closest stay nearby. I've used you a few times, keep making progress!
Not my code, but I just used it to get $50 off: RMN50
@SamShank Is this only on iOS? I opened the android app and there are no updates, and all the images are of an iPhone. I think it's brilliant and am in dire need of a short get away.
@paulprins HotelTonight is on Android for sure, fully native and full Material Design. Here's a link to make sure you've got the right one:
@paulprins According to the blog post "To start getting inspired and find HT ‘Escape’ and GeoRates, make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of the iOS app (Android is coming soon!) and that you have location services for HotelTonight turned on!"
@simonmosk thanks, I missed that. I guess I'll wait anxiously for it to sho up on android.