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This could be seen as a competitor to @julien's Breather, a marketplace for on-demand private rooms/offices. And I will refrain from referencing less legal, more salacious use cases.
@julien @rrhoover Possibly but feels like a different set of use cases. On the trip I'm on now, I want to take night buses through Argentina and having a place to shower/rest my things during the day. If I can get that cheaper (1 day booking instead of 2) that would be ideal.
@julien @rrhoover @frankdenbow Hm. Maybe. But I guess I always thought Breather was going to try to move into this kind of stuff (showers, beds) stuff too. Just made sense. I think they both can exist. I always found it strange that Breather even had to be a thing in the first place (though I'm glad it is a thing!). Like, why didn't hotels just do this always? Now just really want this in SF. Please and thank you.
Very interesting idea. Intrigued as to how the availability is managed in the existing hotel systems that presumably struggle with these "interim" bookings. Can anyone shed some light?
Housekeeping under pressure to turn rooms by 3p currently. Would love to know how hotels are executing on this and the costs of adding people/hours to lighter evening shifts.
Brilliant concept, so many use cases!
I have thought of times when I would love to get a room during the day as it works better with a travel schedule or with meetings. I am sure there could be some great usage benefits for hotels.