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What is the big differentiator between this vs other hotel booking apps that claim to get you the best deal?
@bentossell Agreed. I'm interested in differences between HotelTonight. I've found when you get into smaller area's with HT you're presented with basically Holiday Inn and LaQuinta Inn's -- appears to be some type of agreement between the too.
@bentossell @amyers Hi Ben and Aaron! My name is Chris and I'm working at the HotelQuickly office in Bangkok. One of the biggest differences between HQ and other booking apps is that we hand-pick the hotels we feature. Instead of showing a long laundry list of hotels, like other booking providers, we only show the best deals at curated hotels every day - saving you time and money. In addition to that, we're only focusing on the Asia Pacific region, where similar apps don't have a strong presence yet. Having a fully localised team across the region (from Vietnam to Taiwan and everywhere in between), we can make sure to show you deals in both big and smaller cities.
@chrsschlkx cool. But what makes your hand-picked selections the best? What if we have different tastes haha ;)
@chrsschlkx @bentossell Exactly. HT says they hand-pick their hotels in larger cities such as NYC, ATL, SF, LA, etc. -- but if you're focusing on Asia Pacific you don't really apply to most of us anyway. ;)
@amyers Travel more ;)